Leadership Development

AIbEiAIAAABDCMSpspuz3MiFDCILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDI0ODg5ZTgzMTRlZjc1Y2M0NzJjYzBjYTZhYmFiOWMzMWRjNzQyMTIwAbGM1fDiay3wyIMqcaFbVSLMc-pQ[1] Increasingly, organisations need their leaders to be more responsive to the rapid changes and complexities of today’s workplace. Leaders need to heighten their self-awareness, enlarge their thinking, and break patterns that are focused primarily on individual success.  One of the most pressing challenges facing executive teams today is the need to fully recognize the inter-dependencies of organisational life and to develop the ability to better manage them. This requires cross-company collaboration and the sharing of responsibility to achieve sustained success.

Generative Coaching is a partnership involving a leader and coach-facilitator. Our role is to  support and challenge leaders to be proactive and intentional in self-leadership mastery, which involves transforming the “inner game” in order to reach new stages of development and agility.  We guide managers to help them become “reflective actors”,  to gain clarity on how best to realise key business moves, to develop their teams to be more agile in leading their initiatives , and to achieve higher levels of performance while building a more collaborative and more agile leadership culture.

Our approach inspires a more ‘collaborative orientation’ to leadership, which enhances everything a leader does. We promote an inclusive and expansive atmosphere  in which the full value of the workforce is realised rather than over-control and under-utlilisation of human resources. Cross company learning is becoming more and more critical to manage the many interdependencies that exist in today’s workplace, and organisations need leaders who can think and work together, build on one another’s talents, inspire and develop others, address stumbling blocks, and hold one another accountable to achieve extraordinary results.