who we are


We’re a new kind of recruitment organisation:  driven by creativity and innovation, into knowledge flow and shared exploration, working across fields and in two languages. We work with mind-set and its impact on management communication, learning, performance and profit. Mind-set is your single, biggest, competitive advantage: understand and master it.
What we do is based on some of the deepest and most powerful frameworks in human functioning.  We take those frameworks and turn them into thinking tools and resources that will: expand the boundaries of the corporate possible; transform self-doubt into self-belief; awaken new worlds of creativity and innovation; unleash learning capability; enable true mastery of influential communication; turn teams into communities; promote a deeper and more meaningful engagement with clients.

Our In-house programmes are designed in consultation with our clients, so that they match your own initiatives and methodology. It is vital that we create something unique and special for you. Whether you need to mobilise your people around a new corporate initiative, have critical leaders developed, or a team transformed into a community, or even implement programmes of innovation mastery that will pull the company in powerful new directions, then we can do it.